Lately with all the traveling and holiday events, I have not been watching what I eat nor working out like I should be doing.  It’s finally a new month and up until Christmas we are going to stay home and work hard on things such as working out and eating healthy.  We have a full fridge of fresh Michigan vegetables and a shelf of a few exercise videos, not to forget the gym we have access to with a handful of gym machines. Nothing special but it does do the job.

I’m hoping to kick-start my weight loss again.  Here’s my plan of exercise for this next month, up until Christmas:

#1. Workout at least 5 times a week.  This must be at least 30 minutes in duration each workout.
#2.  Run at least three times a week.  This must be at least 5k each run.
#3.  Lift weights at least two times a week.
#4.  Eat more whole grains instead of bread.  Bread should only be on the table no more than once a day.  (Note: I’ve gotten a little addicted to Pitas and naan.)
#5.  Reduce fat intake and keep better track of it daily.  (Note: I’ve gotten a little addicted to hummus which has a high fat content per serving.)
#6.  Use more fresh vegetables instead of canned tomatoes.  (Yep, another habit lately.)
#7.  Change up my exercise routine a little by adding more things than just running.

What’s your challenge for December?