Happy Holidays Everyone!  I love the holidays because it really brings out the cheer in everyone, except shipping in the stores.  I’ve gotten a large portion of my Christmas presents completed for everyone but have a few more to go.  Ironically the ones I should have done already I haven’t been able to think of something fun to purchase.  These presents have to be sent to Australia and Japan – which take up to three weeks during the holidays.  Let’s just say I’m usually late when it comes to Christmas presents and arriving, oops! I’m trying hard to find the perfect presents, really that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Anyways, my husband keeps asking what I want for Christmas and my mind draws a blank.  Sure, I have mentioned a few small things but as far as the larger items, I can’t think of anything.  Maybe go with a tons of little things?  Not sure what to do because I really don’t want or need anything.  I’d much rather purchase for other people.

Anyways, my purpose for writing this…  I’ve been thinking it would be nice to spice up my exercise routine with something new.  I’m thinking something to encourage me to workout, a new gadget, or something cute?  Any suggestions?