pkg slightly different than mine

Usually I don’t write reviews about general products but this is an exception.  My husband and I finally tossed our blackberries out the window and went for two new iPhone 4 cellular phones.  We weren’t sure if we wanted to switch to another “smart- dumb phone” as we called the blackberries but so far we are over-the-moon happy with the new iPhones.  They do take a bit of getting used to but once you figure out some of the features you are off and running.  Thankfully the apps and internet are much easier to find and use than blackberry.  Blackberry internet goes through Canada and then through America to get to American users, so it’s not really a big surprise the internet is so much better now with the iPhones.

Getting past my love of our new iPhones, I wanted to let everyone know about our new iPhone screen protectors.  If you have an iPhone, you are aware there are a dozen or more different types and styles of screen protectors on the market.  Much to my chagrin, my lack of knowledge really crept up on me when I was picking a package for our new phones.  The thing that also struck me was the price difference.  Seriously, does anyone pay over $30.00 for a screen protector?  If you did, please tell me why because I am totally clueless as to why someone would do this.  Not that it’s wrong, I just don’t understand it.

What we ended up with was a purchase of 3 screen protectors, front and back, from Amazon.  The screen protectors are Halo Premium Grade Screen Protectors x4 Multi-layer Premium Protection.  Apparently they are “clear protection, scratch resistant, residue free, and UV resistant.”  As far as I’m concerned: 1. Do these little pieces of “premium Japanese plastic” protect?  Yep, sure do!  2.  Do these little pieces of “premium Japanese plastic” come for a low price?  Yep, sure do!  3.  Are these little pieces of “premium Japanese plastic” easy to install?  Yep, pretty much.

My only negative about these Halo screen protectors is in the installation process.  The front is so easy to put on – it seriously just laid itself in place without any bubbles or hairs.  Unfortunately the back didn’t see to fit as perfectly, it was not exactly shaped correctly in my opinion.  The tab that you pull off in the installation process was placed at the bottom of the iphone back instead of the top where the camera is located.  This makes it hard to position the back sheet just right without going over the camera.  I had to try it four different times and I still have not got it in place just right.  But hey, it does protect so I guess I can’t complain.  Other than that though, you only have to worry about smudges on the super-clear screen.  But then again if you didn’t have the screen protector on, you would have to clean it anyways so it doesn’t go against the Halo sheets.

Would I purchase these again?  Yes for the same price I would purchase them again.  Would I purchase them for $30.00 or more, probably not.  The price is just right for the quality product you are buying.  If you want to purchase a package for yourself go to the main site at: www.Halo-Direct.com or Amazon.com.