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Still Alive

Welcome back everyone! Our entire family (husband and furry babies) went back to Michigan for a delightfully chaotic holiday away from Ohio. It was a nice break but now of course I’m completely behind on my schedule, guess that’s how it goes right?

Thanksgiving started with a 6’ish wake up call to a very chilly morning. That didn’t stop up though for our annual Thanksgiving Trot. There is an official 5k-10K run in our area but it about 30-40 minutes worth of a drive and right around the same time we have our family dinner, so it just doesn’t work out for us. We have our own unofficial family trot right down the same street we stay on for the holidays. We ran about 6 miles in total, which funny enough just happens to be the entire road length. It was cold and early but we knew at the end of the run, we would be happy with ourselves more than if we didn’t do the run. It’s better than sleeping around all morning and then staggering to the Thanksgiving Dinner Feast. Work it off and then lift the fork and gain it back. *giggles*

Our Thanksgiving feast was a successful turnout with guests and delicious food. Unlike other years, my husband and I prepared lots of vegan dishes to share with everyone else. This method worked out great for food options at the table but unfortunately a ton of choices can really pile up on ones’ plate. We were so full afterwards, unlike any other Thanksgiving meal. Plus, we were able to share all our vegan goodies with everyone (we were the only two vegans at the table).

After Thanksgiving, we were able to spend some time with family members around our little hometown. It included a visit with Santa Clause downtown and a holiday hunt with my two adorable nieces. It was just a relaxing, peaceful time to spend with our families.

Next up, holiday recipes and reviews.