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Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I’m well, baking up a feast for an army of meat-eaters.  Yep, my husband and I are the going into the lions’ den together armed with tons of food.  But, what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving than by sharing healthy, animal-free food with a large crowd of people.  It is the best blessing we can give anyone.  Hopefully everyone will enjoy the food and not go home hungry.

My darling husband helped make pies in the kitchen this whole weekend.  We made two apple pies, a blueberry pie, and a large batch of cranberry sauce.  We were pretty happy with the turnout of the pies and sauce that has already been made.  They are chilling in our freezer as I write this to you all, prepping for their début on the dessert table on Thursday.  Now I’m baking homemade artisan bread in the oven and getting ready to cook cornbread stuffing.

Here’s a low-down on the rest of our homemade Thanksgiving meal:

Tofurky Roast, Roasted with Freshly Cut Root Vegetables
Tofurky Gravy
Cornbread and Fig Stuffing
Corn Pudding Casserole
Pumpkin Casserole with a Streusel Topping
Cranberry sauce
Artisan Bread Boule
Pumpkin Rolls
Pumpkin Butter
Agar Agar Blueberry Jam
Apple Pie
Pumpkin Pie
Blueberry Pie

Wow, when I type it all down it really does sound like a lot doesn’t it?  Thank goodness there are a lot of people coming to the celebration.  My parents’ house will be filled with 10-20 people in total so I’m sure none of the food will go to waste.  My mother will also be making a few side dishes, a turkey, and a ham.  What can I say, I tried to make it mostly vegan – at least my husband and I will have a 100% vegan Thanksgiving.  What are you looking forward to having for Thanksgiving this year?

Note:  I’ll try to post recipes and photos so if you are still like me and figuring out what to make it might help out.