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This last weekend was full of adventure and mouth-watering delicious food. It wasn’t all from my kitchen this time; it was from our amazingly generous neighbor, Nida. She was uprooted as a child from Jordan and moved to the states so she is Jordanian-American. In her kitchen, she cooks generally Middle Eastern foods. It is an ethnicity I have never really had the chance to learn but now I am getting crash courses from her family. Even her adorable 16 month old baby teaches me new Arabic words, so cute! So when she ran over to our house on Friday night, so thrilled (seriously, she even forgot her shoes!) that her baby’s Obstetrician-Gynecologist was coming for dinner the next night, we knew we couldn’t pass down her excitement nor her home cooking.

It was a crazy Saturday for us but we knew that we had to meet this amazing woman that deals with specialized births for difficult pregnancies whom we had not stopped hearing about since we met our neighbors. Nida is very passionate about her baby and anything dealing with her so the doctor that brought her into the world is like a second god to her, if she weren’t a 7th Day Adventist Christian, I would wonder if there was a shrine to this wonderful doctor. It got to around three hours before we had to be at their house for the celebration and the husband and I finally got outside to exercise. We ran 5k and then walked another 5k back home. Quick showers were taken and then rushed to make these Isa Chandra cupcakes for the party. Anything from Isa Chandra at the PPK is worth taking to a party – you need to check out her website and purchase her vegan books. Yum!

These fluffy white cupcakes were so easy to put together we managed in less than an hour. Sure there was a lot of running around but we managed to handle it without screaming at each other. That means it was a success! Haha We did use Whole-Wheat White flour (instead of enriched white unhealthy flour) so they were a bit more dense but still fluffy. Yum! The hardest part was trying to stuff the ganache in the freezer and the cupcakes in the fridge to cool them down so we could pour over the top of them. It was like a Hollywood Comedy show in our household. Did I mention that during the whole course of taking showers and making cupcakes our neighbor was running over tossing things in our kitchen because there was no more for her ten-army’ worth of food? I think she was so excited she went over board and came over with a few large dishes about twenty times in two hours time. It was hilarious!

Thankfully we got the cupcakes done and they turned out great! The kids at the party didn’t really care for them that much, I’m guessing because they do have more of an “adult” flavor due to the healthy flour instead of the enriched, highly processed kind. But that’s okay because there were many cupcake tops licked that night which is always funny to watch.

All in all, I would highly suggest this easy recipe but wouldn’t suggest making them in an hours’ worth of time. It works out but I’m sure our blood pressure was elevated to an the extreme. The party worked wonderfully and we all had a great time getting to know each other and sharing food.

You can find the original recipe at: PPK  Note:  The photo again was done in a quick manner on my iphone.  The cupcakes were “gaunached” and then we flew over to the neighbors for the party.