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Traveling vegan is really a challenge but it is not impossible. There is a fantastic website called Happy Cow that I have bookmarked in my iPhone. Additionally it is a constant help when we make travel arrangements. We have been known to drive out of our way on a road trip merely to try out a new vegan restaurant that we came across on the website. Sadly we have even made a trip to a museum just so we could try out a vegan fast-food restaurant. Vegans are very passionate about food, that’s why I always laugh when some people assume that vegans have “eating disorders” since they subtract all meat products from their dinner plate.

When we were going on a hiking adventure in Pennsylvania, we came across this wonderful restaurant called Flaming Ice Cube. Thankfully it wasn’t too far from our chosen route so we knew we would be taking a detour to try it out. It is located at: The Flaming Ice Cube
ATTN: Personnel
1449 Boardman-Canfield Rd., Ste 260
Boardman, OH 44512

From the main road, Boardman-Canfield Road, it is hard to see the exact location but as long as you are using a GPS unit, you will find it without any problems. If you are traveling on Route 76, it is very easy to go off and on directly to the restaurant. There is limited space for seating (inside and a few outside) so I highly suggest ordering ahead via telephone at (330) 726-4766 and your meal will be sitting in a lovely recyclable bag for you. Or if you have a little more time, go ahead and have a seat and enjoy the free wi-fi or book-share library. My husband and I usually order then peruse through the store connected in the same building. Then we take our meals to go in the car. A little shopping never hurt anyone, right? There is also a health food store right next door that contains a few food items and a lot of herbal medications so there is plenty of shopping to do between the time you order and you receive your meal. The hours are: Mon-Sat: 10am – 9pm; Sunday: noon – 8pm

The Flaming Ice Cube offers three meals a day but they are not early birds so don’t expect an early breakfast. If you are late-riser you are in luck because there is a display case with homemade pastries and freshly made coffee. There is even vegan hot cocoa which I highly recommend. My husband and I were feeling peckish our last visit, okay we were like hungry vultures, so we decided to go ahead and order a Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Hot Cocoa drink, it was amazing! It was sweet, warm and smelled like homemade raspberry pie. Mmmm

Since our first visit, we have gone back a few times. Strangely enough, after our first visit, we realized the restaurant was actually a Cleveland, Ohio restaurant and there was one downtown Cleveland close to where we live. There is usually no free parking at the Cleveland location so we have never eaten at that location. But, we love the Boardman, Ohio location because there is free parking and usually spaces available. Everything we have ordered from this 100% vegan restaurant has been delicious and never have we once tossed anything out. The menu doesn’t usually change (we do wish the sides would occasionally but…) so you can create your favorites and feel comfortable each time going. Our selections:
Midnight Berry Smoothie, Chocolate-Covered Raspberry Hot Cocoa, Italian Panini, Buffalo Panini, Vegan Burger, Mmmushroom Burger and so on. There are just so many a selection to choose from it’s hard to make just one choice. I should note though if you eat in, you will be charged $1.50 for sharing. When restaurants do that it, it just makes me angry… grrrr If it’s the same food, then what’s up with the extra charge?

Check out their site for more location addresses and a full online menu.