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Happy Monday! It’s the start of a shortened week for many of us, thanks to Veteran’s Day on Friday. Not only do we get to celebrate the country’s veterans but we also get to have a much needed day off work. Hooray for National Holidays! If that weren’t exciting enough, we gained an hour over the weekend. (Hope everyone remembered!)

Finally we made it back to our house yesterday after being gone for another week down in Virginia and Michigan. It’s great to travel but it’s always nice to be home again in our own territory. Boy the furry babies are happy to be home, the pooch hasn’t stopped following me around since we returned home. The furry babies stayed at the in-laws for the entire time so their week getaway wasn’t a hard one.

Now that we are back, I’m trying to slowly get back into things. Whether it is an airborne virus or just decreased immunity level, I think I have gotten a small cold. Thankfully I’m overdosing on vitamin C and natural food vitamins (okay so maybe one can’t really overdose on these two things but just let me believe I live a rebel lifestyle, thanks). I also took half a dosage of Alka Seltzer Cold tablets to help reduce the body aches, headache and sneezing that allowed me to cope with the rest of the day. To top it off I’m drinking tons of water and herbal teas to help get this little bug out of me. Hopefully it won’t take up a resident card but just be passing through.

On to the things I’m thankful for this month:
6. Farmers’ markets are a great aid to my health, even in the fall months. The hubster and I again went to one of our favorite farmer market in Michigan while up there this weekend and couldn’t have been happier. We were concerned there were only going to be a few things available such as squash and pumpkin but we were thoroughly surprised to find many different options. We bought two large reusable cooler bags full of vegetables. Yum! Our intention is to not have to purchase more vegetables until Thanksgiving when we again visit Michigan. So, for around $10.00 we have a few weeks of meals – hooray! We might have to purchase a few extra things such as Tofu or beans but other than that, we are set to go.
7. Terrific friends that are always there for you are just as important as food or shelter. We have some wonderful friends that we treasure knowing – some are right next door and others are around the world, it doesn’t matter the distance when it comes to friends. It’s always nice to have people around that you can just chat, travel, play, and so on with to enjoy life to its’ fullest. Thanks to all my good friends that are always around for me, love you all!

Note: Photo is from the shoreline in Norfolk, VA on our way to the Sanrio Store!