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Good Morning Everyone! Finally I’m back into the swing, well for a day or two. It’s been about a week again but I can confirm my absence was for a good enough reason to share with you all, travel and work. Truthfully it was the hubster’s work and not my but it did take us all the way back down to what seems like our second home state, Virginia. We’ve been down there three different times in two months so it does have a “homey” appeal to it now. For now though, we are thrilled to be in our hometown in the “Pure Michigan” state of Northern America.

We’ve been gone about a week again on travels to the southern state. True to its’ common characteristic, it is a state full of southern hospitality. Hence, it’s so easy to love the state and all that it has to offer. I believe I have also officially gone to all the museum and shops in the area. One store that I missed out on that I kept telling myself to book in my schedule was called Sports Authority. Again I missed it but I’m hoping we will have another chance to get down there so that I can see what it’s all about and possibly purchase a few things for the gym this winter season.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m going to try and mention a positive thing that I am so thankful for this November. We’ve been gone for five days so I might as well mention five things that I’m so thankful.

1. The first thing I’m thankful for is my husband, it’s such a blessing to have a husband that is truly my best friend. I’ve been asked how we could manage to clock in all those hours the last two months in a small car but amazingly we enjoyed our driving time together. It was nice to get together and have time to chat about the important and not so important things all at the same time.
2. A healthy body has to be my second choice for being thankful this season. On previous trips, my husband and I might have gone to the pool for a cool dip in the water but this trip was different. We managed to travel around 11 hours or so, arrive at the hotel, and then jump right into a nice run outside. There’s nothing like a nice slow run after a long drive in the restricting car. Everyday while gone I managed to time in a workout of some sort.
3. Since we were working out each day, we were able to counter-balance our dining out at vegan restaurants. It’s a common myth that vegan food is always healthy. Trust me, when you deep-fry something or add sugar, it’s not going to be healthy no matter if its vegan or not. Thankfully we were able to eat healthy enough, minus the one night of vegan pizza.
4. Thanks is always needed to be given to Asian restaurants. When we aren’t making Asian vegan food in our kitchen, we are dining out at restaurants with Asian vegan options. We found a few delicious “mom and pop” restaurants that serve vegan options in Virginia. Boy did we ever support them these last two months!
5. Finally but not least, I’m thankful for forgiveness by our furry babies. During our last travels, we decided to leave our furry babies with the in-laws. My mother-in-law retired this last year so she has some free time on her hands right now. Secretly I think she loves to have our furry babies around the house because they entertain her and the furry pooch keeps her going on walks throughout the day. Both of them get plenty of exercise together. When back, our furry babies are thankful for our return to get them and soon after forgive us for leaving them behind. They are such good furry babies, we couldn’t ask for anything else.

So for now, I leave you waiting for the restaurant, hotel and attraction reviews. After three trips, I have plenty to share.