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Boy has it been a busy week full of adventures in the kitchen and outside of it.  Being busy is the best though isn’t it?  It means you have a life full of fun and friends.  Taking life too seriously and working too much is never a good combination.  Even if work is busy, it’s always important to take a moment out and enjoy what we all have been given on earth.

Yesterday my day was full of activity.  I woke up in the morning to a slight rush since we couldn’t seem to get out of the warm bed.  It’s not entirely my fault though, seeing as though it’s pre-spring season (or so I like to call it), the temperature has been dropping overnight, so the mornings are extremely cold.  So we rushed and got everything together and out the door.  Thankfully I was pumped up by that time and my energy level just increased from there.

My workout came a little early in the morning because I was anticipating a visit to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  So that basically meant kicking my booty to the curb to walk to the gym for a much needed workout.  Yesterday wasn’t the greatest workout since I accidentally forgot to put on my sports bra to run in.  That meant that I couldn’t run much and had to focus on lifting weight, biking and the dreaded stair-climbing machine.  As I do the stair-climbing machine more and more, I am shortly learning to love it.  That’s weird isn’t it?  Today’s workout I managed to do 3 miles in 31.51.  In addition I was lifting 20 pound free weights in each hand.  Normally I would end the workout with the stationary bike machine but today I cut that out to assure I had some free energy to chase a 16 month old around the zoo.

After a much needed shower, I managed to make myself a tomato-fill natural lunch.  It was a simple recipe that I’ll share with you as a recipe.  It basically involved tomatoes, couscous and hot sauce.  Yum!  As I ate I talked to my husband on the cell phone and got caught up with the days’ events.

As soon as I knew it, there was a little 16 month old looking in my window ready for the day’s next adventure.  For the next four hours we walked around the zoo looking, chatting, and joking alongside the various animals.  It’s such a shame that these animals have to sit in small cages for us humans to gawk at them.  They sacrifice their freedom each day and for that I’m extremely thankful but saddened all the same.   It’s a mixed feeling.  Hopefully though, through the delight in the kids’ eyes (especially the little one and her mum that I traveled along with), they each learn the importance of protecting these animals and preventing endangerment of any species here on out.

We had the most delightful time together joining the peacefulness of the zoo.  I could seriously sit and watch one species for the whole day.  Guess that shows why I took 368 photos… three cheers for digital cameras!  One I got home, I was so tired after all the exercise of the day.  Thankfully the hubby was so nice and had started to make dinner.  Dinner was collard greens with beans, tomato couscous, and a leftover vegan Boca Spicy Chicken-less Pattie.  It was very filling and the perfect combination after a full day of moving the body.  Thanks hubby!  Then I just totally crashed and watched an Australian tv show called The Librarians with the furry babies and hubby.