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Nothing was planned in particular for today’s events but sometimes those days turn into wonderful busy days full of adventure.  Today was one of those days, okay maybe not a great outback adventure such as my bestie is on right now but nonetheless a great change of events from the normal.

After eating all the apples lately, I must look like this when happy.

It all started this morning when I got straight to work around 6:40AM (one of the pleasures of working from home).  Cup of java in hand, I was all setup with a steaming bowl of Better Oats Maple Syrup flavored and a load of paperwork to get done.  What do you call paperwork that is on the computer?  e-paperwork?  So I got a little done and it was already time for my scheduled workout at the gym.  I didn’t really want to go down to workout at the moment seeing the large amount I still had to do but I thankfully motivated myself to get down there for the “run of it”.

BetterOats Maple Syrup

My workout today:  4 miles on the treadmill in 44:47.  It’s a slow time but I’m training myself to run a half-marathon distance.  Right now it’s the distance I am working on and then I will work on the speed.  Endurance throughout the entire distance without collapsing afterward like last year is my goal.  It was a good run, enjoyable.  Next were 30 sit-ups on the ball, some free weights and ten push-ups with the ball.  Finally I ended my workout with not only some stretches but also a stationary bike ride of 4 miles in 29 minutes.  I felt great after the entire 2 hours in the gym.  Walking back I was in no pain which I’m always thanking the good Lord for that.

Next up, shower then lunch.  After I was all clean and fresh smelling again I went ahead and made some applesauce.  If you have never made it before I urge you to look at my recipe.  It is so easy you will never want to waste money on store brands again.  While that was simmering I made my lunch from leftovers.  My lunch consisted of one very large pita around 190 calories stuffed with 3 cups of organic mixed green lettuce.  On the side I had a part of an apple and some homemade “Freekeh” (a new Arabic green wheat that our neighbors introduced us to).  It all was perfectly delicious!  I’m so thankful for the introduction to this new green wheat.  Yum!

When I had just taken the last bite I heard a little tap, tap, tap on the door.  It was the cutest little girl knocking on my door – so I thought.  I opened up the door and our spunky little neighbor dog jumped right in – how did she ever knock on the door?  Lol, then I saw the double-cute-duo (momma and baby).  I was asked to watch the little one while her mom went out.  It’s always a pleasure to watch her so I was really excited!  It’s fun to play with a well-behaved little one.  She’s a large book reader so I’m always ready to hop right in to a book and guess what the story is about between quick page turns.  Note to self, learn to read super fast.

When our play-date was over it was time for the husband to come home in half-an-hour so I had to get ready for dinner.  We didn’t go to the farmer’s market this last weekend so I had no entree plans in mind.  To my surprise we still had a package of SoonDobu Jigae tofu in the fridge waiting to be eaten.  No one had to tell me twice what we were having – yum!  It’s a vegan version that I have made up to mock the original fish and meat spicy soup.  It is full of Kale, red cabbage, hijiki, kelp, and so on.  Mmmm  It’s hot, spicy and nutritious – can anyone complain with that?  With a sad face I had to admit we didn’t have any kimchi in our house (gotta make some soon) so we just had it with hijiki brown rice.  Still tasty even so.

Today was tiring and I sure will hit the bed hard tonight but that’s what life is for right?  Did you all have a great day?