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O-hisashiburi!  (It’s been a long time!)  Finally, finally we are back at home after a week long trip to Virginia.  We had such a lovely trip full of tourist traps, vegan food and gentle conversation with the hubby.

Although I don’t really care for long travel car rides, I managed to entertain myself long enough to make it to Virginia.  (Seriously, the Ipod is a lifesaver for my husband!)  Additionally, fall leaves are changing colors due to the fall season so my eyes were treated with plenty of eye-candy and my ears were filled with music.  It was a great distraction through the mountains – at least when it wasn’t raining.  One thing that I had to look forward to was the vegan food.  This is seriously how much of a foodie I am, I look forward to the food that we are going to delight in while on vacation.

After eating out each and everyday, I really got some great ideas for meals at home.  Additionally, I rebounded with my love for Thai food.  For some reason I tend to eat a lot of Asian food more in the winter than in the summer.  So I hope to once again bring out my dusty recipes from last winter with Asian influences and give them a roundabout in our kitchen.  Mmmm In fact, I’m thinking Korean tonight for dinner – Chapjae to the rescue.

All-in-all we had a delightful time that I would not exchange for anything.  The hubster got a lot of quality work done and I got my tourist hat out of the closet and tried on.  More to come about all of the above…  Loved the trip and could have been gone for years but also glad to be back home.