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Darling husband and I have been blessed with a new young family in the townhouse next door. They are so adorable and kind-hearted that you instantly want to place their names in the family registry. True to myself, I have been sharing lots of homemade vegan goodies with them. I can’t help myself! It’s a blessing to have such amazing people live next door but also ones that aren’t afraid to neither try new foods nor be too shy to accept homemade goodies. I’m not sure what I would do if they didn’t like homemade goodies! I’m a true foodie and would be way overwhelmed. Lol

If I weren’t happy enough to make delicious vegan food for both of our families, “soon to be vegan neighbor man and lady” (as I shall call them here) are originally from Jordan. It’s a country that I know very little about since I mainly studied East Asia throughout university. Darling husband and I love to learn about new cultures and don’t get me started on trying new ethnic foods. So, when our adorable new neighbors mentioned they wanted to share their culture with us, we were over the moon excited. Soon to be vegan neighbor man stayed up all night last weekend coming up with the best falafel and hummus recipe to share with us. He brought over a huge plate adorned in Jordanian fashion that my mouth hit the ground. So thoughtful and not to mention tasty!!!If that were not enough, “soon to be vegan lady neighbor” brought over a homemade berry pie. We were shocked to hear that it was her first pie ever to make, we were truly honored to say the least. Then she mentioned that she is inspired by our home cooking/baking that she had to try her own hand and it. My heart was all melted on the ground. That is the most amazing compliment that we could ever receive. Normally I’m not one to accept compliments easily but this one we took gladly with open arms. The pie was amazing and I’m sure “soon to be vegan lady neighbor” will be become a wonderful chef/baker.

In high school band, I was constantly taught that music is the only international language. Unfortunately, I believe there are three international languages. One being music, the second is food and the third is a warm heart. With all of these three things, the world is a better place, a place that I am proud to live.

An HK present for playing with adorable neighbor half-pint. Astonished that playing with the cutie wasn't enough of a gift, this was given to me with tons of thought.But seriously, having such great neighbors is present enough for us.