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Generally we do not eat too much mock meat in our household but when we are out and about we do engage in a few different options available in our health food stores.  A week ago we were thrilled to see a new vegan deli option available called Tofurky Cranberry Stuffing Deli Slices.

The packaging shows a lovely vegan sandwich with the deli slices, cranberry sauce, cucumber slices, alfalfa sprouts popping out of two slices of bread.  It looked very inviting and warming like a sandwich the day after Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner.

Considering the name, we figured the package would come complete with the newly flavored deli slices and a small package of cranberry sauce.  The price was a bit more steep than the original flavors so the addition of the cranberry sauce would definitely raise the price a bit.

Unfortunately when we got home, we went to prepare our vegan sandwiches for a day out hiking in the park.  We were not so excited to find the deli slices did not come with anything special such as a sauce or stuffing.  Not ones to give up, we went ahead and made the sandwiches without any flavoring because we suspected the deli slices would be flavored already as stuffing and cranberry.  Again, a big disappointment when we bite into the sandwiches because there was no difference in flavor.

Hence, we were not that impressed with the new Tofurky Cranberry Stuffing Deli Slices.  For the price, one might as well save the money and purchase the original flavor and season your sandwiches just as normal.  My tip:  Save your money and enjoy the original deli slices and add your own cranberry sauce.