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After learning the joys of exercise and a healthy diet, I’ve often have wondered what it is also doing to my mental health.  Not only does a healthy diet, such as a vegan one, help balance hormones but it is also stated to help assist in mental clarity.  It interests me to learn about fitness and healthy eating and how it links to education.  Here is an interesting article that I found further suggesting that children that exercise will actually get better grades!

Personally, I have to agree with this article.  After I moved back from Japan to America, I had started a new diet plan that involved lots of exercise and a reduced calorie intake diet.  I was exercising at least two hours a day!  I found that it did take up a lot of time during the day, but, I was getting better grades in school.  It seemed strange back then because I was studying less but getting better grades.  Additionally, I have found that I can keep focused on my work, keep level headed with those around me, and can even conjure up better plans/ideas when after I exercise.  It is almost as if when one sweats salt/water out of the body, one also sweats out toxins.  This is what I constantly tell myself when I am running.  So, the next time you are working out and want to give up, tell yourself “it may hurt now but I’m deleting the toxins in my body for a better me tomorrow”!

What’s your opinion?  Do you feel better after exercising?  Have you found that you do better at school or work when you keep to a healthier lifestyle?  Leave your comments below, thanks.

Link: Exercise Helps Overweight Children Think Better, Do Better in Math from Science Daily Online