Hello Friends!  It has been quiet a bit of time and I deeply apologize.  Not only are we trying to figure out a few lifestyle changes (I’ll explain later when something is decided) but my grandfather passed away last Thursday, July 12, 2012.  So, it’s been rather busy physically and emotionally.  To tell you the truth, I have only had the chance to workout once in the last two weeks – it’s just that busy.  (Note:  my server had an issue yesterday so I couldn’t post this.)


But, I’m back and hopefully can write a few more blogs before we are off on vacation.  Yes, a much needed vacation in Hawaii.  Actually it’s not just a vacation seeing as we are going for my Japanese sister’s wedding.  She has finally met a man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with and we could not be happier for her and him.  Japanese sister is from Japan but lived with my family in my senior year in high school.  She immediately became a member to our family and ever since we have kept in contact.  When I lived in Japan I stayed with her family for about 2 weeks I think it was over New Years.  We now share two families from across the globe.  So we know that Hawaii will be an adventure, we will try not to get kicked off the island.  I’ll try to blog but no promise because, well, we will be in Hawaii!


So, as usual, it’s Wednesday and it’s time for some motivation.  After the stress filled last two weeks, boy do I need motivation and hope these help you as much as do they do me.







What’s your inspiration this week?






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