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Christmas has definitely hit our household hard. Not only do we constantly have Cleveland’s 24/7 Christmas music on the radio but we have been baking up a storm for the holidays. Basically I come from a large German-American family that could possibly fill two households but we all cram into one tiny farmhouse way out in the country. That means it’s more than necessary to have enough for a few armies, of the adult and child sense.

Last week my husband and I were commenting it felt strange how fast December was steamrolling past us. I guess everyone says this each year but it really did feel like we were missing something this year. Normally I’m decking the halls and singing all the Christmas songs with so much gusto that the hubby politely putting on his headphones closes his office door and hides away for a while away from me. He means it in the top most respect and to be with all honesty, I most definitely deserve it. LOL

This weekend, we turned the Christmas spirit up on high and got to the kitchen. Thanks to Vegan Cookies Invade the Cookie Jar Cookbook I got year we had lots of inspiration. I made an entire list of around 8-10 cookie recipes and have a few more in my back pocket if we have some more time. This weekend the hubby and I managed to rock out Chocolaty Crinkle Cookies, Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles and Orange Agave Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Hubby got to his baking bread mischief too. For his advent calendar this year I got him to skip the German Advent Chocolate Calendar for 24 surprise presents, one present for each day up until Christmas. Some days he got some vegan candy but other days he unwrapped special presents such as British Top Gear DVD’s, clothes, and throughout the whole week has been unwrapping bread baking supplies. Each one was suggested by the top chefs and also the makers of Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, his ultimate favorite cookbook. So, that meant that he was urgent to use all his presents to make some bread. He finally decided upon Vegan Challah, made with no eggs but bananas. Yum! We have made this recipe a few times and have loved it each time. Mmmm He made two large loaves, one for home and one for his family on Christmas. Totally delicious!

We washed down all the sugar we ate and carbohydrates with a healthy dose of Christmas movies. It was a blessed time and really is one of the true meanings of Christmas – called family time.

What gets you in the holiday spirit?

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