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A few days ago I wrote a review of The Kind Diet’s cornbread recipe and how wonderful it was to make and eat. Well, I used that recipe and made cornbread and fig stuffing for Thanksgiving. Seriously, after making this for two years, I’m not sure why anyone would want to make that stuff from a box. Sometimes I can understand the want to make something from a box for convenience but this recipe is so easy to put together, I’m not sure I would waste my time going to the store to purchase a box of stuffing now. Not only is this recipe easier but it tastes better and lasts even after freezing! That’s like three bonuses for the price of one!

My favorite recipe comes from “Vegan World Fusion Cuisine: Over 200 Award-Winning Recipes, Second Edition”. It is a cookbook from Hawaii that has more than a handful of superior cookbook awards. You can purchase it a few places such as Amazon.

The recipe I could not find for free online but I highly suggest you purchasing this vegan cookbook. It has a lot of good recipes that you will definitely fall in love with, especially during the summer months. We purchased our hardcover cookbook two years ago and have used a good portion of the recipes. Very rarely do I have to change the recipes, minus the substitution of a few recipes that we can not find throughout the year in our location of the world.

For this recipe, I used The Kind Diet’s Cornbread recipe instead of the cookbook’s recipe because Silverstone’s recipe has more flavor and moisture. In addition, I played around this year with the ingredients and took out the carrot juice and apricots. I used no juice and substituted figs (which were already in our fridge). It turned out just as good. Everyone loved it, at least the people that were willing to try it out after finding out it was vegan – gasp! haha, little do people know that stuffing generally doesn’t have any vegan ingredients in it… but, that just meant more for us. Yum!

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