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Second day of the week and only three more to go, hooray!  To celebrate, my husband and I got up early and went to work.  Such rebels, right?!

The husband was sent off with a blueberry pancake bento for breakfast and a eggplant stuffed with “fried” rice bento.  He was super happy for the bentos this morning because he is addicted to blueberries as much as I am right now.  Yum!

Waking up this morning I was crazy hungry so I took some leftover veggies and half a potato diced in a skillet along with some canjun seasoning.  It was already cut up, so it took about 5 minutes to eat everything through.  I ate part of it in a fat free tortilla (mini) and the rest just on a plate.  Delish!  I topped it off with some Michigan Cherry Coffee.

After some work in the morning I decided that it was time to bake – yeah, I have this craving to bake things on cold mornings.  That’s normal, right?  My darling man has been requesting blueberry scones, so what’s a wife to do but to make them for him.  Actually I made Lemon Blueberry Scones but I think they will slide just this once.  (hopefully)  The downturn was I ate one right away and then another half.  I wasn’t so impressed with the lemon flavor, so next time I want to double the lemon to make them amazing.

By this time it was lunch so I delighted in another leftover serving of homemade Dukbokki.  This is a Korean dish that is basically a red pepper paste mixture with rice cakes simmered in it.  Mmmm I love this dish but I’m afraid that it is making me bloated feeling – I’m so bloated that my pants are a little tight.  Grrr At least I hope that is the case – uh oh!

Once I finally got my bloated stomach so I could move off my chair, I got back to work.  At this time, the sun was beaming through the house windows and I just could not resist the urge to jump outside for a little sun.  Sunbathing during the afternoon is just a little perk of working from a home office.  One hour later I was beaming myself after filling my Vitamin D.  Okay, so maybe I wasn’t full of Vitamin D however the hour in the sunshine did start to trigger vitamin D synthesis that helps make Vitamin D in the body, it’s not a direct supplementation.  Articles in the Archives of Internal Medicine suggest at least 10 minutes a day of direct sunlight for fair-skinned people.  I have yellow hints in my skin due to my German roots so I feel as though an hour is a good amount.

What’s one to do after sunbathing?  Well, in my case it is the perfect time for working out in the gym.  I drank some water, tied on my running shoes and headed off to the gym.  Since yesterday I ran 5 miles, I had planned on taking it a bit easier today with only 5k (3.15mi).  Unfortunately my stomach wasn’t really having any of the running on the treadmill.  So maybe sunbathing before running (in the cold) wasn’t my greatest idea.  I ended up running 2 miles and then jumping on the stationary bike.  I biked for 30 minutes and was feeling lightheaded.  Since this is one of the symptoms I do not ignore when exercising, I decided that I would take my cold sweats and dizzy butt home.  I really do not want to be the one that passes out in the gym…

It was good timing though since I got home, took a nice cold, relaxing shower and got on with some more work before the hard working man got home.  You know, everyone was very worried about my husband and I getting married early in our lives but we are so thankful to have each other even after 6 years of marriage.  I can’t image life without him.  I’m just as excited as our furry babies when my husband comes home.  I’m sure I’m not the only one with this type of marriage, right?

By dinnertime I still wasn’t feeling the best so I decided to have an easy, freezer dinner.  I always make extras and freeze enough for two to eat later on a lazy night.  Anticipating a lazy night, I laid out two Basmati Rice Burgers with Pinto Beans, one Pea Burger, and a few naan.  Along with some purple beans (which sadly turn green when you steam them), Brussels sprouts, cucumber slices and a few cherry tomatoes, our dinner was a huge success.  I had my pea burger on a Wasa Whole Grain Cracker and half a piece of homemade naan.  Yum!  Later on the husband had a Oreo Cookie in Soy Cream with a cup of Mango Tea and I had a British Tea.

Calories Eaten: 1,163
Calories Burnt: 375 (Total this week- 861cals)
Calorie Differential: -1,594
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