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Welcome to a brand new week everyone!  Each and every week guaranteed a new and exciting beginning.  It’s similar to a fresh start to the school year but us adults get to renew our lives each and every week.  Although occasionally we all wish for a week to never end, say when we’re on vacation, but most of the time the weekend comes with excited cheers and happy dances, at least in my household.

Okay so maybe not all of you may be fans of the happy dances, as I and the furry baby are, but I believe you get my point.  Try it on for a size, you may have an inner *happy dance* love too.  Last week was one of those weeks my husband and I just wanted to let be and move on from to another one.  Thankfully we had a full weekend of celebrating our family being together and are trying our best to make this week better than the last.  Don’t get me wrong though, we won’t forget what happened and we will not turn our heads from the illegal actions at our local animal shelter and veterinary hospital.  It is important to never forget those things that we stand for, as the quote goes, “If you don’t stand for something you will fall for everything!”  In my household we stand for equality among everyone and everything – whether it be sexual preference, ethnicity, legal justice, animal rights and so on.

We woke up (thanks to the lovely train that blows his horn around 4-5AM everyday- why do they do that so early in the morning?) and started our week off the right way.  That basically meant no rushing and trying to wake up the proper slow method that our bodies crave.  It’s a great way to start a week off right.

My darling man collected his prepared breakfast and lunch bentos as I made the coffee.  Fully packed for the day, the dog was leased and we were off on an early morning wake-up (bathroom break) walk.  It’s now in the 50’s at night, so boy does it give you a wake up call this early in the morning as the sun rises.  The cold temperatures are overlooked though by the unbelievably beautiful sunrises.  Furry baby didn’t even notice the temperature decline, she was just as happy as ever – actually she was ecstatic for some unknown reason. She always makes me laugh because during our walk she always (not over exaggerating) has to “lay her deposits” in the same spot.  If pooches could cross their tiny legs while walking she would totally be doing the “potty dance”.  Her deposit destinations are more than half way through the walk and she tends to run the last few minutes to get to her favored location.  She will absolutely not go anywhere else and gets angry with us when we change the walking route.  So funny how canine’s tend to get in routines too – they are more like the human race than we give them credit for on a daily basis.

I’m thankful to see her doing so well though after last week.  She does have her stressed quirks right now that I talked to our veterinarian about and he seems to believe that she is doing fine considering the circumstances.  I’m not certain what happened to her during her hour away from us but she does seem to have more gray her than normal.  Plus, she has separation anxiety – my poor baby!  She doesn’t leave our side for anything right now.  The other day I had to use the restroom with a feline begging for water from the faucet and the canine next to my feet.  What a crowded bathroom that was!  Note to myself, next house must have a large bathroom for our growing family.  Thankfully the veterinarian said that she will continue to feel more safe again and in about 2-4 months she will be just fine again.  Our veterinarian is just the most trustworthy person I know, so I imagine he will be right on with his predicament.  At least she still loves her walks and being spoiled – at least we can do that for her.

After the husband was off to work, I started up my own work along with a steamy cup of Michigan Cherry Coffee and a freshly picked Paula Red apple from a local farmer.  The Paula Red variety tastes very similar to the Jersey Mac variety.  Both have a juicy crisp inside and slightly tart outside skin.  It was delicious!  Once I got through some necessary work stuff, I headed to the kitchen for a healthy dosage of Vegan Blueberry Oatmeal Pancakes.  It was a new recipe that I tossed together on the fly.  They were crispy and savory, unlike the sweet ones I make for the husband.  I’m amazed at the crunchy outside but fluffy inside – a perfect oatmeal if I do say so myself.  If I were to make them for my husband, I would add some sweetener such as agave nectar or brown sugar but for me these were perfect.

Crisp Oatmeal Blueberry Pancakes for One

A few light household chores and a little work and I was off to the gym for a little morning mental cleansing.  My goal at the gym was met for weight lifting and running but my bike plan was interrupted by some maintenance workers that decided it was the best time to put some sort of locks on all the television sets.  I understand that they were doing their jobs but it would have been nice if they placed signs up stating the work was going to be done at a certain time so as to not interrupt the workouts of others.  My workouts are very important to me, each one helps to reduce stress, calm my nerves, let me think about the day ahead and so on.  Television repair just doesn’t help any of these things.  Ah well, lunch was calling my name.

Lunch consisted of half a Cranberry and Stuffing Tofurky Deli Slice Sandwich – which by the way, even though the package instructs one to eat with cranberry sauce it never mentions that it doesn’t contain any.  It’s new so it’s higher priced however does taste the same as the original – darn!  Then I had about five pieces of homemade dukbokki from last night and a little portion of White Bean and Tomatillo Soup.  It seemed like a lot of food but in the end only came up to around 400 calories.  Then I added a tiny Paula Red apple as a snack but only ate around ¾.

The rest of the day just flew past with me writing for work and working on a few other things online.  It was a nice day that ended very fast – where does the time go?  My husband was back at his normal time and we started to talk about dinner.  While I was running I had decided that I was finally going to use a round eggplant (does this have a name?) and stuff it with a type of no oil fried rice.  I love mock fried rice (no oil) since it is basically a way to use up a lot of veggies in your fridge and make a delicious dinner out of it.  I added corn on the cob from a local farmer and also a slice of homemade bread with homemade blueberry jam.  Regrettably I found some dark chocolate in the freezer and we ate some of that too in the evening.  Ugh!  I’m still trying to train my body that it doesn’t need something sweet after dinner – years of eating this way is hard to change in just two years of re-teaching. L  Still working on it…

Vegan Stuffed Eggplant

After dinner we took the happy pooch on another short walk and then relaxed the rest of the evening.

Calories Eaten: 1,272
Calories Burnt: 486 (5 mile run, 2.34 miles bike, yoga & weight lifting)
Calorie Differential: -773
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