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Lately I have been working hard out in the gym however it does have its downfalls.  Severe stomach pains have plagued my body and it’s hard to do such simple tasks as standing up and yoga.  With each pain I’m reminded that I have to stick with the plan of exercising and eating healthy.  It’s an unfriendly reminder of sorts…

My soon-to-be six-pack has changed my eating habits the last two days.  I’ve decided to reduce fat content and protein while increasing liquids.  Additionally, I’m trying to steer away from processed foods and increase whole fruits and veggies.  Not that most of you want to know, but I’m trying to clear out my system to release some stress on my stomach muscles.  Hopefully that will help out.

Breakfast I feasted on a sautéed bowl of veggies and rehydrated bean curd.  I’m testing new ideas with the dried bean curd (found at Chinese store) and this was my first breakfast stir-fry trial.  Tasty!  It included peas, corn, re-hydrated bean curd, cabbage, cherry tomatoes and some spices.  Yum!  I also had some homemade toast with vegemite and fig/sesame seed jam.


Chinese Dried Bean Curd

Snack:  Frozen Ice Treat – 100 calories

Lunch:  Chopped Romaine Lettuce with cherry tomatoes, Trader Joe’s Baked Teriyaki Tofu and that’s it.  My sugar level was a little low, so I had one piece of Dark Chocolate (vegan).  I also had some Organic Garden of Eating Whole Grain Baked Tortilla chips (it’s made with millet, quinoa and so on).

Dinner was made by me tonight (I know I’m a softy- it’s husbands’ week to cook).  I prepared Caulipots (Appetite for Reduction) but then I realized my husband had some leftover French fries that needed to be eaten and out of the fridge.  So, I put the Caulipots in a sealable container and placed it in the fridge for Wednesday.  At least it has already been prepared and I don’t have to worry about it.  Then I prepared Brown Rice and Pinto Bean Burgers.  Both were simple enough to prepare, just time consuming with all the waiting between steps.  I placed a burger on a homemade burger bun for my darling man.  For me, I prepared a smoothie of freshly cracked open Thai coconut water and meat, strawberries, a little almond milk and some fresh kale.  It tasted amazing!  For the husband I made the same thing but added a frozen banana and a large tablespoon of vegan protein powder.  He said it tasted like ice cream.  *happy dance*

(Sorry, I’m sitting in a Panera bread drinking coffee as I type this blog entry.  I unfortunately do not have my camera and regrettably forgot to transfer the photos from my camera.  I’ll get to it tomorrow when I have the camera.  Sorry about the inconvenience.

Snack:  a little Kashi cereal since my stomach started to grumble.  I was hoping for no snack but it didn’t turn out that way…  grrr


Exercise:  Unfortunately I had to listen to my stomach first and skip the workout.  The pain just getting up and down is so strong, I just wanted to give it a break.

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